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Complete information on Canadian Immigration - Permanent Residence,  Work Visas, Student visa and Business Visas.

Our firm is dedicated to the practice of Canadian immigration rules and regulations. We are ready to assist you for your Canadian immigration requirements based on the selection criteria and applicant's qualifications and urgency.  We can represent you no matter where you live. We will invest all efforts to reach you and assist you for your complete immigration and settlement plan.

Free Phone Consultation Available


Our Offices provide extensive consultations in which an immigration specialist will review your immigration goals, and analyze your eligibility for various programs.

Start your visa process today! Choose one of these 3 options.




1. Apply Online
Free consultation on your eligibility by simply filling out our online assessment form.
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For any specific inquiry, please write to us at



us immigration lawyer 3. Arrange for personal meeting with one of our Consultant or lawyer!

Start your visa application today online. To meet us in person, please email us with your case details at

Click here to start your Canadian immigration application online from your home computer.
2. Arrange for FREE phone consultation
Call us for a 15 minutes FREE Phone Consultation at 1.888.339.9590.

You can also write to us at with your name, case details and contact details to arrange for a FREE Phone Consultation.

b2 visa Visitor Visa
Want to come visit Canada? click here for information about how to obtain a visitor visa
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Individuals can obtain multiple entry visitor visa for maximum period of five years with a continuous stay of no more than six months at a time under this visa. 
We can help you obtain this visitor visa even if you have been denied before.














f1 visa Student Visas
Want to study or go to college or University in  Canada?
Click here for information on your options.
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Canadian Universities and Colleges are amongst the best education providers of the world.




b2 visa Business Visa
Are you a business owner looking at Canadian business opportunities and would like to make Canada your home ?
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work permit Work Based Visa
Learn about the different types of Canadian work permits. 
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Foreign workers who have a job offer from a Canadian Company can apply for work permit to live in Canada. Once you are on a work visa, you may qualify for a permanent resident visa for Canada. One can obtain maximum period of 24 months work visa.
We can help you obtain this work visa even if you have been denied before.


green cardWant to settle permanently in Canada with your family?
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Permanent Resident Visas Click here for a FREE Online assessment.
Individuals who have a job offer from a Canadian Company can apply for permanent residence with expedited processing time. We can get an approval for you in less than 6 months depending on the country of residence.







Family Based Sponsorship Visas
Want to visit your relative in Canada or move to Canada permanently through your family?
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Applicants who have close relatives or family members in Canada and applying individually may qualify for additional points for permanent residency application.




Canadian Citizenship 
How to get your Canadian Citizenship so you can vote for elections in Canada.
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A Permanent resident of Canada has all the rights as of a citizen except voting in elections.





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