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Worker shortages in Canada due to TFW exits

Worker shortages in Canada due to TFW exits A rule introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in April 2011, has started causing worker shortages in Canada.  This rule which put a four year cap on work permit holders, before they had to leave Canada, just celebrated its fourth birthday this month.   This regulation requires each of the Foreign workers, ... Read More »

Canada promises faster immigration

Canada promises faster immigration Express Entry to be launched in January 2015 The Canadian government has announced that Canada’s active recruitment model for economic immigration will officially be called “Express Entry“. The program is to launch in January 2015 and will make the immigration to Canada system much more efficient and faster. Canadian employers in many sectors across Canada, continue ... Read More »

Canada’s IT skills shortage pegged at over 50,000 workers

Dancing on the glass ceiling According to CATAAlliance, Canada’s IT skills shortage is over 50000 workers. Some industry professionals argue that recruiting more women into the industry is one way to combat that. It’s not just about getting women to like … Read the report on IT“?????”??? ?CATAAlliance????? IT???????50000??????????????????????????????????????????????… ??????IT HTTP :/ / en el techo ... Read More »

Canadian province of Alberta to face severe skill shortages – Immigration Canada

Immigration Canada: Severe worker shortages‘ forecast for Alberta   Alberta is expected to face severe skills shortages in the coming time. Thomas Lukaszuk, Alberta’s Minister of Employment and Immigration, said the province is already starting to see labour shortages in some sectors such as the transportation and hospitality industries. “There are companies that simply can’t find workers already,” he said. ... Read More »

Labour shortage to remain key challenge in construction industry

Labour shortage to remain key challenge in construction industry As per the Construction Sector Council of Canada’s  recent labour market forecast for 2011-2019 approximately 320,000 workers will be required to meet new construction, retirement and mortality pressures. Half of those requirements could be met with 163,000 new Canadian entrants, leaving 157,000 workers for the industry to “bring in from outside ... Read More »