A business can be started using various different options.  Some of the popular ones are  –

  • To buy an existing business
  • To buy an established franchise business
  • To register your own business and start a new venture


Some of the factors to be looked at before finalizing your choice –

  • Market research and analysis for your area of interest
  • Finances (bank financing, owner financing, own equity)
  • Understanding Registration and taxation requirements
  • Legal options around structuring of business
  • Other expertise like accounting, taxation, and related


Our team assists in all areas of businesses such as –

  • New start up
  • Buying an existing set up or a franchise
  • Setting up your own startup
  • Joint Ventures
  • Technology Transfers


Investment Range

Average investments for starting a business in Canada – C$300,000

(equivalent – approx.  USD 230,000;   GBP 184,000;  MXP 4.6mn)

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