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Express Entry Explained

Express Entry Explained

Express Entry has started accepting Canada immigration applications on 1st January 2015.

At Canadian Visa Services (, we have received many inquiries asking how the new system will work.  What is expected from the clients, and how this system differs from the earlier system.   In this post we are summarizing the key steps in the new system and what the requirements of each step are.


Let’s start with this graphical representation of the process made by CIC.

Express Entry - Canada Immigration

Canadian Express Entry steps explained






For applications under the new system, the following will be the key steps –

1) Canadian Visa Services does an assessment of your application.  This is done to confirm that you meet the requirements of either one of these streams for immigration to Canada- FSW, FSTC or CEE.

2) We guide you in the preparation of eligibility documentation for language testing and obtaining educational assessments.

3) Your details are then submitted into the online system.   To improve your chances of getting selected, our office will guide you on ways of contacting prospective employers in Canada.

4) After your application is picked in a draw or by an employer, CIC will issue you an ITA.  Based on the ITA your permanent residence application will be submitted.

5) Medical tests and other requirements will be provided – leading to issuance of permanent residence visa.  It is expected that the processing time will average between 6 to 8 months.

You can choose to represent yourself and do the above tasks yourself, or you can have a team of specialists represent you and guide you to success.   To start your application process with CVS, complete the form below with all required fields.



To get your prospects assessed under the new system, please complete the form below:

Get started with the Canadian Express Entry program. Please complete all fields. After completion of this form, you will receive an email acknowledgement.

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The information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that language test results and educational assessment are mandatory requirements for applying under the Canadian Express Entry System. I agree to provide documentary proof of the same.

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