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Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration   Canada Immigration Read More »

Express Entry Explained

Express Entry Explained Express Entry has started accepting Canada immigration applications on 1st January 2015. At Canadian Visa Services (, we have received many inquiries asking how the new system will work.  What is expected from the clients, and how this system differs from the earlier system.   In this post we are summarizing the key steps in the new system ... Read More »

Federal Skilled Trades Class – Canada Immigration

Federal Skilled Trades Class Canada Immigration Federal Skilled Trades Program   In 2014, under the Federal Skilled Trades category, applications are being accepted for the following occupations – (Scroll below to see detailed breakdown of occupations under each Major and Minor Group) Major Group 72: Industrial, electrical and construction trades; Major Group 73: Maintenance and equipment operation trades; Major Group ... Read More »

Canada promises faster immigration

Canada promises faster immigration Express Entry to be launched in January 2015 The Canadian government has announced that Canada’s active recruitment model for economic immigration will officially be called “Express Entry“. The program is to launch in January 2015 and will make the immigration to Canada system much more efficient and faster. Canadian employers in many sectors across Canada, continue ... Read More »

Submitting Completed Applications for Canada Immigration

Submitting Completed Applications for Canada Immigration It is important that all applications submitted for Canadian Visas, are complete in every respect.  Watch this video from CIC, highlighting the importance of submitting properly completed applications for Canada Immigration or temporary visas. For guidance with your Canadian Visa applications, send us a message from Contact Us page. Content in this video covers ... Read More »

Points Calculator for Canada Immigration

Points Calculator Points Calculator for Canada Immigration as a Skilled Worker. If you are eligible to apply as a skilled worker, you will be assessed on six selection factors and a point system.  If you are married or living with a common-law partner, either you or your spouse can apply as the principal applicant. Currently the pass mark is set ... Read More »

After getting the Immigration Visa – What Next ? (Canada and USA)

What after the Visa ? What to expect when you reach the new country ? The U.S. embassy in Manila has an updated blog that posts answers to some questions about immigrant visas.   U.S. immigration may be a different system, but life after getting the immigrant visa has a lot of similarities to Canada. A recent blog post called “Life ... Read More »

The Economist’s view on the Canadian economy – Still Safe and Sound

Canada’s economy: Still safe and sound? | The Economist THE last time the global economy cooled off in a hurry, frigid Canada proved the best place to take shelter. Its tightly regulated banks had avoided subprime mortgages entirely, its housing market was reasonably valued and … “????” ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????… http://www la economía de Canadá : Todavía sano y ... Read More »

2010 Canadian immigration at a record

2010 immigration data shows Canadian immigration at a record high. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says Canada welcomed a record-high number of immigrant newcomers last year.     Kenney released a report today that indicates in 2010, Canada admitted 280,636 new permanent residents. That’s the highest number reported in more than 50 years and six per cent more than the government had planned ... Read More »

Improving the immigration program’s responsiveness to Canada’s labour market

Following are some details on the current Canadian Immigration rules. Retroactive to February 27, 2008, the date specified by the Federal Budget, the Action Plan for Faster Immigration includes issuing instructions to visa officers reviewing new federal skilled worker applications to process those from candidates who: are in 38 high-demand occupations such as health, skilled trades, finance and resource extraction; ... Read More »