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Worker shortages in Canada due to TFW exits

Worker shortages in Canada due to TFW exits

A rule introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in April 2011, has started causing worker shortages in Canada.  This rule which put a four year cap on work permit holders, before they had to leave Canada, just celebrated its fourth birthday this month.   This regulation requires each of the Foreign workers, to leave Canada for a minimum period of four years.

Businesses  sectors that typically depend on TFW’s for their H.R. needs, are likely to see the effects of this starting now.    Further the skills shortage is likely to cause increased attrition amongst the existing workforce.

(A link to a news item describing these challenges is given at the end of the post. )

We believe that employers can take advantage of the Express Entry program to meet this staffing challenge.   The EE program introduced in January 2015, allows employers to select candidates from the EE pool.   Once selected the processing takes a few months and the new employee comes to Canada on a permanent residence status.   A win-win solution for the employer and the EE applicant.

At Canadian Visa Services, our support to employers includes candidate selection and interview scheduling.  Where needed we are also arranging for international recruitment tours to meet with qualified candidates.  These are candidates who are applying under the Express Entry program and are looking for career opportunities in Canada.

Employers.  For an initial (No Cost/No Obligation) discussion – Contact us by clicking here.

Are you a skilled professional, looking to apply for immigration – Visit the Express Entry information page here.




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